3C-Craftsman process

Wir automatisieren Schadenprozesse und schaffen Transparenz!


Formulate your craftsman invoices electronically and achieve transparency.

This provides you with simultaneous access to all relevant documents (expert reports, reports, images, order data, results reports et.), as well as consolidation of controlled and uncontrolled tradesman invoices by way of  comprehensive authorisation, clearing and allocation functions in a single process.

Our multi-stage inspection processes, as well as the individually variable inspection regulations stipulated by you, allow a comprehensive inspection of your offers and tradesman invoices. As well as our automatic inspection (AutoCheck), a technical inspection is also carried out by a team of specialists. Trained and skilled tradesmen including floor layers, roofers, dry-liners, painters or architects communicate directly with the respective partners. On the basis of regional tradesmen’s hourly charge rates and a comprehensive material database, we can check your offers and invoices and renegotiate for you.

With the selective extraction of data and the electronic provision of documents, you are afforded the possibility of applying shadow processing to your tradesman invoices.

This ensures quick, efficient and slim-line arrangement of your processes.