3C-Renovator process

Wir automatisieren Schadenprozesse und schaffen Transparenz!


Formulate your processes electronically with selected renovation partners.
From the layout of your orders, including enhancement with data retrieved from your AVB and respective specifications, through to the conveyance of documents to the selected renovation partner, take advantage of the benefits provided by the 3C-renovator process.

This will provide you with access to all relevant documents (invoices, intermediate reports, images, order data, results reports et.) at all times, as well as consolidation of controlled and uncontrolled processes by way of authorisation, clearing and allocation functions. Our regulation system, featuring individually variable inspection regulations on the basis of their respective specifications, the multi-stage inspection process (Auto-CDC and Premium-CDC), as well as our automated correction process, ensures that only checked invoices which comply with your own individual quality standards are submitted to your experts for final regulatory ruling.

Comprehensive status tracking and monitoring gauges quality and maintenance of service levels, allowing sustainable and intelligent management of your processes.