3C-Hail process

Wir automatisieren Schadenprozesse und schaffen Transparenz!

3C-Hail Process

The 3C hail process supports processing of accumulation loss events.
As well as the optimisation of resources, locations and times, the 3C hail portal is designed for the implementation of various workflows. This allows you the opportunity of filing the accumulation losses recorded in your claims system into the system via direct data import, using GDV, csv files or entry masks. As well as manual planning of events and dates, with the support of call centre agents for example, we offer you fully-automatic planning, with automatic generation of invitation letters for example.

A Geodata-supported map allows you to visualise the centres for loss events and provides support for preliminary inspection of potential viewing locations.  

Integration of the 3C hail portal into the expert process and / or the 3C planning process, for the commissioning of individual inspections or the outsourcing of expert reports is possible at any time.