3C-Workshop process

Wir automatisieren Schadenprozesse und schaffen Transparenz!

3C-Workshop Process

The 3C workshop process allows the integration of cost estimates for controlled workshop networks, manufacturer fair-play networks and uncontrolled cost estimates in a single process.

Communicate with all of your partners within a single standardised network. The 3C communication manager enables an individual connection with all partners of the workshop process, by way of an input and output interface to your own in-house claims system. With intelligent enhancement of orders using workshop information and relevant AKB-data, you can actively contribute towards quality management or towards quality assurance within your own workshop network or your partner network, and ensure that the cost estimates submitted to you comply with your quality standards and guidelines.  
The portal technology provided by us allows you access to all relevant documents (KVA, images, order data, results reports etc.) at all times. Using the cancel functions which allow the transfer of cancellations and status reports of the partners direct into your claims system, you and your employees are on-hand to provide information to your customers at all times, thus raising customer satisfaction with informative and transparent communication.

Using our comprehensive authorisation, clearing and allocation functions, controlled and uncontrolled procedures are consolidated in a single process. Diverse regulation systems for the inspection of cost estimates with individually variable inspection regulations, a multi-stage inspection process (AutoCheck and PremiumCheck), an automated correction process within the partner network and the automated issue of repair cost settlements guarantee optimum quality, while at the same time increasing processing speeds.
A downstream inspection of invoices completes the overall process.

Make the right decisions with active management of your processes.

Comprehensive status tracking and monitoring gauges the quality and maintains service levels of your partners, ensuring sustainable and intelligent management of your processes.