3C-architecture and portal technology

Wir automatisieren Schadenprozesse und schaffen Transparenz!



The 3C-products and solutions are specialised in the automation of processes for claims management.

Media disruptions are overcome with apparent ease by way of state-of-the-art portal technology.

The 3C-communications manager controls communication of the 3C portal with all connected customers, users and partners.

Due to the diversity of data formats and document types, 3C transfers these into a single target format for further automated processing: The 3C-XML.

The 3C-distributor platform is the central planning system for optimum management of orders.

The 3C-order platform / and procedure platform is the link between platforms and processes, and at the same time the central control component of the 3C portal. The GeVo-control manages the orders and procedures in the portal throughout the entire life cycle, up to their conclusion. The LOG-IN platform allows the customers and partners to monitor their orders and procedures, however, is also available as a fully-functional user interface.

The 3C-inspection platform comprises specific regulations for meticulous inspection of every type of procedure.

The 3C-monitoring and reporting forms the information bracket for all sub-processes and products.