3C-communications manager

Wir automatisieren Schadenprozesse und schaffen Transparenz!

The 3C Communications Manager


The 3C communications manager controls the procedures and interfaces of the 3C portal with all connected customers, users and partners. Regardless of whether the customer / partner is exchanging 3C data or documents via the GDV network, a web service, AudaNet, DATNet, E-mail, Internet, VPN, Upload / Download or another means of transfer, the communications manager controls all of these processes. It is the central communications hub between the applications of the 3C portal and all connected customers and partners.

As well as the diverse communication channels, all conventional formats of the data storage are used. Data formats such as GDV data record, SAXIF, SZF, proprietary XML-formats are also processed as document formats PDF, TIFF, E-mail, text files etc. 3C transfers all of these formats into a single target format for further automated processing: The 3C-XML.