3C-monitoring and reporting

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The 3C monitoring and reporting


Queries concerning the performance, quality and efficiency of your own organisation and your partners can be answered with the 3C monitoring and reporting. Reports based on the processes form the information bracket for all products.
From receipt and creation of the order through to conclusion of the business transaction, diverse status reports are generated which are graphically formatted and concisely presented in the monitoring and reporting. These are then supplemented with quality factors and quality-related factors in the 3C monitoring.

The 3C scorecard allows you to view essential key figures and documents the control of your activities with regard to the objectives of your organisation. For a more in-depth analysis, all relevant information which answers core questions by way of intelligent reports are available to you in the 3C cockpit. We also offer you the opportunity to fill your own claims systems for a damage-specific reporting via extraction of your data.