3C-order and procedure platform

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The 3C order and procedure platform


The 3C order- and procedure platform is the link between the individual platforms and processes, as well as the central control component of the 3C portal.

The GeVo-control manages both the orders and the procedures in the portal throughout their entire life cycle to their conclusion. It adopts orders which have already been planned from the platform, intelligently enhances them and then transfers them via the communications manager to the processing systems of the partner or to the employees of the customer. Created expert reports, cost estimates and invoices are received, processed and, following a successful inspection process, conveyed into the claims system and the electronic archive of the customer. Monitoring, status tracking and reporting of all relevant information is available to you throughout the entire life cycle of the business transaction.

The LOG-IN platform allows the customers and the partners to monitor their orders and procedures and to record supplementary information in the portal. For partners who do not possess their own IT-infrastructure with GDV-connection, the 3C portal is also available as a fully-functional user interface: Orders can be processed and downloaded and notifications and invoices can be created and conveyed to the customer.