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Outsourcing with 3C


Realise tremendous savings potential with us as a competent outsourcing partner

3C provides access to state-of-the-art communications, business transactions, and inspection platforms to insurance companies. As well as the rationalisation of business processes, this also allows the outsourcing of IT-infrastructures and IT-intensive working processes, as well as the relocation of whole business processes with distinct calculated costs. State-of-the-art portal technology ensures standardisation of the supplied data and places technological advantages at the fingertips of every insurance company.


No start-up investment is necessary. The services we are offering are completely web-based (Software-as-a-Service) and necessitate only adaptation to the specific requirements of the respective insurer. 3C thus reduces complexity of the processes which leaves you free to concentrate fully on your core activities.
The savings potential gained with the purchase of an established structure, as opposed to a self-developed digital process of the same type, is huge.

Reliable, flexible and continuously upgraded to the latest stage of technical development

Our team possesses considerable experience in the conception and realisation of software-supported process optimisation in the insurance business sector. The advantages gained by outsourcing include speed, flexibility and immediate availability of automatic processes. As well as a continuous accumulation of experience, you will also profit from constant further development of our products. These can be individually adapted to the structural changes of the customer at any time and ensure qualitative orientation of the respective product, as regards content, with tailor-made solutions. For our customer, this means increased output and improved performance, with no adverse effects to high standards of quality.