Headquarters of 3C

Wir automatisieren Schadenprozesse und schaffen Transparenz!



Heilbronn – Our main headquarters for expansion in Germany and Europe

Since its foundation in 2006, 3C Deutschland GmbH has had its head office in Heilbronn am Neckar. Nestled in the wine-growing regions of Baden-Württemberg, the company has been totally focussed on the automation of processes for claims management in the motor insurance business from the very beginning. We have since developed numerous solutions for satisfied customers, managing and optimising motor vehicle claims management orders, controlling and inspecting procedures and ensuring the automated processing of diverse formats.

Rapid development of the 3C and the necessity for specialist and management personnel in a prosperous Baden-Württemberg proved a constant test for the company executives.

Erfurt is the second supporting leg for the expansion of 3C.

A subsidiary office was established by 3C in Erfurt in June, 2010. This step was taken to combine the company targets of securing the positive development achieved over the previous years, and improving access to first-rate IT specialists. At the same time, „3C Erfurt“ will combine all 3C activities for the new business field „material damage“. As well as development, the team would also be involved with the inspection of renovator and tradesmen invoices from the Erfurt headquarters for 3C customers and partners.