Management and employees

Wir automatisieren Schadenprozesse und schaffen Transparenz!

Take advantage of the technology competence of 3C and automate your claims processes


The cornerstones of 3C success are our customers, our employees and the independence of our founding team.

The diversity and complexity of tasks necessitate a comprehensive spectrum of specialist personnel:

Trained and skilled computer specialists active in the software department, in technical operations and in monitoring of the applications form the backbone of our company. Their expertise is a decisive contribution to imagery of the 3C-process landscape.

The duties involved for support, customer-care, sales, product management and administration are heavily dependent on experience in business management. Know-how regarding claims management, the implementation of ideas into concepts, the synchronisation of existing processes and products and the training and care of customers characterises the areas of responsibility for the product management. Moreover, the product management forms the interface between the customer and software development. The diversity of these duties necessitates a maximum level of teamwork, networked thinking and implementation.

The respective trained specialists reserve the right to technical inspection of the expert reports and cost estimates, as well as inspection of invoices from the renovators and tradesmen. Masters of car body restoration or fitters, painters, roofers and electricians are the guarantors of quality for 3C in this service sector.

The founding team of Dietmar Hartinger and Uwe Mengs, is also the business management team and guarantees independence of the company, in correlation with the shareholders.