Quality and data protection

Wir automatisieren Schadenprozesse und schaffen Transparenz!

Take advantage of the quality and technology competence of 3C

Safety, quality and data protection are elementary cornerstones of modern business management.

Data protection, IT-security and measures thereof are of utmost importance in our company.

Utmost safety standards via firewall systems and comprehensive access rights management

Highest standards of security are implemented at all times for the handling and storage of data. Our various firewall systems are state-of-the-art to reliably protect all specific data. Moreover, data clustering with comprehensive access rights management guarantees exclusive access to the respective, relevant data records for every customer.

Our security strategy forms a standardised basis for discussions with customers, external service providers and administrative bodies. Our internal regulations pursue the aim of providing employees, personnel with the same status as employees, part-time employees, working students, temporary staff, trainees, apprentices and freelance employees of 3C Deutschland GmbH, concise instructions regarding the carrying out of their tasks.